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Huskies are playful, hard working and friendly dogs – just like our new kayak!

One of my first “Greenland” style kayaks was called Husky and this version is something like MK 5 or 6, but still has a lot in common with the original concept. The most recent significant change is that we put some more rocker into the hull to aid manoeveability. We were pleased with the deck layout so we changed nothing there. For a person up to 90kg, Husky is a real playboat – and with some load, it will be a great working dog for multi-day trips.

This version is the Low Volume. With a moderate rocker and more symmetrical hull-shape this is one playful kayak. With a hard chine and flat V-shaped bottom with fine ends towards bow and stern, it’s made to manoeuver. It has a low profile and is very easy to roll. It features stainless steel rods for a towing system or for roof rack security plus has multiple decklines for all of your gear.


Length: 520 cm
Width: 53 cm
Weight : ca. 21 kg
Capacity approx: 135 kg
Cockpit rim: 78 x 42 cm
Hight rim: 20 cm from top of rim to bottom, rear of rim
29 cm from deck to bottom, front of rim
Skeg: Standard
Backrest: Soft
Hatches: Front + Day + Rear
Standard Color schemes:
• Hull : Clear / Black / Red / White / Orange
• Deck : Black / Red / White / Orange
Custom option:
• Carbon/wood deck structure
• Rudder
• Custom color on orders with RAL no.


Sandwich PRO:
•Carbon – Epoxy – Cork
•Foootrest: SmartTrack
•Skeg: integrated box+ KajakSport
•Transparent hull:option
•Custom Deck: wooden or carbon

Sandwich Plus:
•Carbon&Kevlar – Epoxy – Cork&Spheretex
•Footrest: SmartTrack
•Skeg: integrated box+ KajakSport
•Transparent hull: option
•Custom Deck: wooden or carbon


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