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After the success with the sale of our “Husky”, and that we behind Rebel believe in the idea that a smaller kayak gives you as a paddler a greater experience and more paddling joy. -We do say “Less is more”.

Therefore, it was clear to us that we would develop a smaller model according to the same concept then our Husky and that would suit a person of, say, 60 – 65kg

So after prototype construction and test paddling, it is now here and in production.
We chose to call it “Illka” as we thought it would feel wrong to call it a “LV” model as we think we built a kayak with the “right volume” for the right person sitting in.
We have no idea what Illka means, but after some brainstorming we thought it sounded good, and also that it felt good in the mouth.

And yes, -“Less could be more”



Length: 500 cm
Width: 51 cm
Weight : ca. 19,5 kg
Capacity approx: 115 kg
Cockpit rim : 78 x 40 cm
Skeg: Standard
Backrest: Soft
Hatches: Front + Day + Rear
Custom option:
• Keel strip, Clear Hull, Rudder

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